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Jeřáby a Autojeřáby MALINA - pronájem, půjčovna - autojeřáb pro VásAJM logo

Cranes MALINA / 20 - 250 t / Crane lease / For 16 years we have been here for you

Welcome to our web sites! Radek Malina – Cranes.

Welcome to AUTOJEŘÁBY MALINA – AJM Websites!

We are a modern firm, which has been operating in the market for 16 years. In our offer, which includes ease of cranes DEMAG and LIEBHERR with capacity from 20 t to 250 t, you can also find makes DEMAG CITY AC 40 and AC 55, that are suitable for use in confined working spaces.

We will arrange overlarge heavy transportation.

Our chief objectives contain full assistance at the very beginning of an order preparation, consultant service, on the spot visual inspection and maximum customer satisfaction. Our highly professional team of workers manipulate loadings of various kinds, shapes and weight up to 96 m in height. We put great emphasis on setting favourable prices, ensuring required legislature, matters of HASWA and environment including successful execution of each contract.

Do not hesitate to contact us and become our respected and satisfied customer.

Technical parameters, Price proposal:

Type of craneLifting capacity (max.)Radius (max.)Lifting height
TATRA AD 20T20t/3m0,2t/22m25m
TATRA AD2828t/3m0,5t/24m30m
Demag AC35 L35t/3m0,6t/32m37m
Demag AC40-1 CITY40t/3m0,9t/34m40m
Demag AC55 CITY55t/3m1,0t/40m53m
Liebherr LTM 1070/170t/3m0,8t/44m58m
Liebherr LTM 1090/290t/3m0,8t/56m72m
Demag AC120-1120t/3m1,0t/62m92m
Demag AC160-1160t/3m1,6t/68m80m
Demag AC200-1200t/3m1,8t/70m84m
Demag AC250-1250t/3m1,0t/82m98m