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Liebherr LTM 1070/1

The advantage: full load transport; boom length 40 m + boom extension 17 m; its total length is 57 m. Suitable for installation in lower halls, it does not need to mortise the boom and therefore its load capacity is more stable in the intermediate stage telescoping load 70 tons.

Maximal Lift Capacity:

70 T Reach 3 m

Telescopic boom:

11.3 m - 40 m

Lattice boom:

max. 13 T

Gantry auxiliary boom (crawler):

10.4 m - 18 m


Liebherr 2x

Wheel drive:

8 x 6 x 8

Maximum crane speed:

80 km/h

Crane unladen weight:

48 T

 Crane lift and set-up charts

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