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We are a modern and dynamic company having 23 years of experience in the rental of mobile cranes DEMAG, LIEBHERR with load capacity from 20 T to 250 T. We also own mobile cranes of the DEMAG CITY AC 40, AC 55 production line, suitable for cramped workspaces..


Our main goal is full support at the beginning of the contract preparation, counselling, personal visit to the required workplace and maximum customer satisfaction. A fully professional team perform handling of loads of different shapes and weights up to 96 m. Great emphasis is put on offering favourable prices, compliance with valid legislation, OSH, the environment, and successful contract implementation.

Do not hesitate to reach us and become our respected and satisfied customer.

Our main goal is full support at the beginning of the contract preparation, counselling, personal visit to the required workplace and maximum customer satisfaction.


September 29, 1995


  • Start of business.

October 1995


  • Purchase of the first TATRA AD 28. It was a second-hand refurbished crane.
  • Nová Huť called nowadays Arcelor Mittal was our first customer for 6 years.

August 28, 1996


  • Purchase of the second mobile crane TATRA AD 28.
  • At this time, our company was already involved in the contracts concerning the commencement of the ecological operation of the coke oven plant in Ostrava and the beginning of the construction of a steelworks called Minihuť in Ostrava Kunčice.

Březen 1997


  • Purchase of the third mobile crane TATRA AD 2OT.
  • At the same time, we rented unused mobile cranes AD 28 from other companies.



  • In the summer, we first got acquainted with LIEBHERR cranes when visiting company days of our customers.



  • In 2000, LIEBHERR Company lent us the first large crane to be tested. This crane had to be repaired and sold subsequently. We rented the crane produced in 1987 for 6 months and during this time we had the opportunity to acquire customers who required our cranes when delivering our services.



  • We purchased our first LIEBHERR 1070 crane with a 42 m telescope and a boom extension.



  • Purchase of a 3-year old LTM 1070/1 crane with a load capacity of 70 T, modern crane design, and a boom length of 40m + 17m boom extension
  • Establishment of a branch office in Horní Počernice.



  • Purchase of a LIEBHERR 1090/2 crane with a 52-meter boom and a 19-meter extension.
  • We were involved in the construction of the Vodafone network on the territory of the Czech Republic and we have established in the field as a reliable supplier of mobile crane rental services.

May 2005


  • Purchase of the first DEMAG AC 40-1 CITY crane. It was a refurbished crane that fitted into our rental strategy in connection with the demanding order and heavy lift in the new low halls at that time.

May 2006


  • Purchase of a DEMAG AC 120-1 mobile crane with a 60-meter boom and a 33-meter extension.

September 2007


  • Purchase of a new DEMAG AC 35L mobile crane with 38m boom and 7 m boom extension.

November 2007


  • Purchase of a new CITY DEMAG AC 55 CITY Crane

March 2009


  • At the beginning of the crisis, we had made the largest investment so far and purchased a new TEREX-DEMAG AC 250-1 mobile crane. It was the only crane of the boom type cranes in the Czech Republic with an 80-meter telescope and a 20-meter extension that was fully hydraulically folding.

July 2012


  • Purchase of a MAN 6x4 truck and FAYMONVILLE GARGOMAX 4 axle flatbed trailer.

November 2012


  • Purchase of TEREX DEMAG AC 60/3 mobile crane with a 40-meter boom and a 17 m boom extension.

March 2014


  • Purchase of a new TEREX DEMAG AC 220 EXPLORER 5800 crane with a 70 m boom length and a 12.5 m extension. It is the most compact crane within its production line. The first one in the Czech Republic.

February 2015


  • Purchase of 4 pcs of special chains used with PEWAG crane wheels for better handling in heavy terrain or in frozen surfaces or deep snow.

April 2015


  • Purchase of spacer bars produced by MODULIFT UK. It is a set of adjustable 2-12 m spacer bars with a nominal capacity of one MOD piece 50 T. We have been able to lift a 100-ton load up to 6 m using those spacer bars. The maximum length is 7m. Purchase of 2 pcs of modular spacer bars produced by the same company with a capacity of one piece MOD 24 tons which are expandable up to 6m. One of the advantages of the spacer bars is their transportation to the work site in small pieces and their subsequent assembly according to the width of the span from 2m to 7m. Another advantage is their small weight. As a result, there is no need to lift the load with a larger crane due to the weight of the spacer bar.

May 2015


  • Purchase of new Volvo FH 16 750 HP 6x4 truck and a new FAYMONVILLE CARGOMAX 6 axles. All axles are hydraulically and remotely controlled. The set can in terms of technology transport up to 114 tonnes of load on the load-bearing ground and construction site. The length of the loading area is 15.0 m.

June 2015


  • Purchase of a new TEREX-DEMAG EXPLORER 5600 crane with a load capacity of 160 tons, 68 m telescope and a 21m long hydraulic crawler. This crane also uses a fully radio remote control. The newly used system determines load-bearing capacity on various irregular crane supports.

March 2017


  • Purchase 3 new accompanying vehicles 2x VW CADDY MAXI and 1x VW TRANSPORTER T6 KOMBI. All vehicles are equipped with lamp heads, LED platform flashlight, and a light-direction at the back. Our vehicles cannot be unnoticed due to their classic orange colour.

May 2017


  • Purchase of a new VOLVO FH 16 750 HP + FAMONVILLE TELEMAX truck with a double extension up to 29m and a capacity of 40 tons. In terms of technology 44 T. All axles are hydraulically and remotely controlled. The flatbed trailer is equipped with adjustable side panels in the transverse direction and also has height-adjustable brackets for prefabricated supports. It is further equipped with two pieces of loading tables on the expansion frame for possible local support of the load. The height of the load area is 1.5 m.

September 2017


  • Establishment of a Slovak branch comprising Cranes 35-220 TUN with a base in Bratislava and Žilina.
  • Purchase of 3 new LIEBHERR cranes LTM 1130-5.1 with hydraulic boom extension and crane lifting cab up to 8.1 m. The LTM 1100-5.2 crane is equipped with a hydraulically tilting boom (crawler). The LTM 1070-4.2 crane is equipped with a hydraulic boom extension. All cranes are equipped with a remote control of all crane functions. All cranes are equipped with the VarioBase function. We do our best for maximum work safety.

October 2017


  • Purchase of a LIEBHERR LTC 1050-3.1 crane. The crane is designed for confined spaces both in halls and in the open air. It is equipped with a lifting cab up to 7.8 m, remote control of all crane functions and the VarioBase system (variable crane anchorage, each support is otherwise extended).
  • At present, we have rented 16 modern cranes with highly qualified operators since October 2017. Our cranes are fully equipped to be operated. We are ready to offer comprehensive rental services, including oversized transportation both using our vehicle and vehicles of other cooperating companies. We always guarantee the highest quality of services offered, work safety and environmental respect.
  • A near future of 1-4 years is dedicated to a purchase of spreading trolleys for crane travel in unpaved terrain (these are plastic boards used to make a path over the sidewalks and grasslands in order not to cause any subsequent serious damage to nature and sidewalks). We also plan a purchase of new cranes from TEREX-DEMAG, AC 55-3, AC 100 / 4L and purchase new machines with a crane with a capacity of 400-500 tons.

Autumn 2018


  • Purchase of a new LIEBHERR LTM 1060-3.1 crane.

May 2019


  • Purchase of a new LIEBHERR LTM 1160-5.2 crane.

We thank all our customers for their favour. We will continue to strive to offer our customers the most outfits and to adapt to their needs and requirements.

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